East Lake Powell Housing Prototype

BBQ Breezeway

LUBRANO CIAVARRA ARCHITECTS is working closely with the St. Joe Company on a concept design for a housing prototype to be implemented within the 110,000 acre Watersound Development of the Florida Panhandle. LCA drew design inspiration from the vernacular typologies of the dog-trot and the “cracker cottage” as well as from the surrounding communities of Rosemary Beach and Seaside.

LUBRANO CIAVARRA ARCHITECTS developed a design that combines the positives of both the suburban and urban condition to promote healthy, active adult living by integrating the area’s natural resources and facilitating social interaction. The house is 1,600 sf with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a garage large enough to accommodate one car and one golf cart. The plan is efficiently organized on a 4’ module in both plan and elevation to allow for a modular or pre-fabricated construction approach. The L-shape allows for the active public living space to be separated from the private sleeping quarters.

The Everyday entrance into the house occurs from the garage, through the dog-trot type breezeway, and into the kitchen. A more formal entrance occurs through the front courtyard and into the heart of the house. A programmed storage bar creates a designated area for bikes and trash, as well as moments of activity for planting and cooking. The private sleeping and bathing program is pushed to the back of the house to allow for the hallway to double as circulation as well as an indoor living porch. This indoor porch faces onto the outdoor room of the courtyard, creating a moment of spatial extension and overlap.

The outdoor room is created by de-laminating the house – a strategy that LCA is applying throughout the plan to push and pull the building’s skin to bring the outside in and the inside out. The building’s skin pulls down to capture and integrate the garage, erasing the typically dominant garage door. The skin then pulls out toward the street to create a private outdoor room at the inside and a public forecourt at the outside. Finally, the skin pulls out toward the rear yard to create a private outdoor room at the inside and a public pocket park at the outside.

Delamination diagrams PLANFront yard

The screen is modular for ease of construction, as well as elegant in its simplicity.


The Courtyard Interior represents overlapping indoor / outdoor spatial condition. The courtyard can be modified per each resident’s preferences – reflecting pool, gravel, garden, etc. The screen establishes a sense of privacy and security without creating a sense of isolation. Panels composed of strips orientated at different angles creates a varying sense of transparency / privacy.


The Rear yard view emphasizes the formation of the public pocket park as correlating adjacencies create opportunities for socialization and gathering.