Island House

Completion: 2002 Site: Harbor Island, Bahamas Size: 10,000sf

*Featured in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, December 2006*

Located on the ocean side of Harbor Island, the site of this Caribbean retreat is exposed to direct attack from hurricanes. In order to protect the house from future storms and the predominant northeastern winds, the service wing pushes forward to sheild the main deck, and the base of the house hides behind the dunes. As a result, the second floor appears to grow out of the dune, opening itself to the view.

The house is divided into discrete masonry elements: sleeping, living and service wings. These opjects are wrapped by a porous skin of operable pau lope wood louvers. As it wraps the project, this silver wood skin transforms from a decorative lattice, to a window shade, to a wall of an outdoor room. The louvers capture island breezes and fracture the intense sunlight, revealing the constant passage of time.