Manhattan School of Music Dance Studios + Music Practice Facility

Completion: 2017 Site: New York, NY Size: 11,000sf

As Manhattan School of Music’s curriculum expands, so does their need for student practice spaces. Utilizing the existing garage in the school’s building, LUBRANO CIAVARRA designed an expansive music studies classroom that contains (28) de-mountable sound-isolation cubicles, most of which contain a grand piano. Within the classroom, students are also able to study and socialize in the common lounge area.

In addition to the practice studios, the school wanted (2) new dance studios that could accommodate the school’s new Musical Theater Program. The dance studios feature a mirrored wall with ballet bars along the perimeter as well as sound-absorbing wooden lockers for student use. The two dance studios are divided by a moving partition that allows the two studios to become one large performance space once opened.

Photography: Chris Cooper Photographer